THE STORY – Meerkat Cocktail Safari

Once upon a time there was a meerkat who lived in a cold country where the only warmth came from a bottle   of vodka.  This meerkat wasn’t like the others… Audacious, mischievous, courageous, Romeo was a fun meerkat who could always get himself out of any trouble he found himself in. But deep down, Romeo wanted more. One day reading Cavafy, he came across prose that touched him, “As you set out for Ithaca hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery”, he decided it was time to find his own Ithaca.

He travelled across Africa, Australia and in Europe, he found himself in a little village in the South of France where he met an elephant, a scorpion and a chimpanzee. With his new friends, he discovered an interest in the history, the smell and taste of rare alcohols. Together, they learned the art of cocktails and discovered the magic of this art. Romeo and his friends went to Paris. In the city of lights, Romeo became the right hand man of the Elephant gaining great Experience, next, behind a little red door, he managed the bar with the scorpion and a rhinoceros and finally, he found himself in a Conservatory with many zebras and gazelles.

Throughout these amazing years, he met fashionable parrots, beautiful pink flamingos, elegant panthers, bears, chickens but also some snakes and hyenas. Over time, there were some losses, a lion captured the zebra, and the snake bit a giraffe. But there were also lovely encounters, the most special being with another meerkat called Tina. She gave him two of the most beautiful gifts he could ever have imagined: a mini meerkat and the discovery of her homeland, Greece.

Having left his cold home to find his Ithaca, he realised he had found his new homeland; this was the place he would make his potions. With his friend Lea, a lion, Tina and mini-kat, they began their journey, which was long, but rich in adventures to this land that seemed so austere.

Today, Romeo wants to flourish in this beautiful land and hopes that Greece will love him as much he loves her. He hopes that his new home, Meerkat in Koukaki, will be a wild playground filled with friends, animals, discoveries and everyone will come for an adventure…


Henceforth, this meerkat was baptised Romeo Krotopoulos.