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Τhe bar

Meerkat Cocktail Safari is dedicated to journeys, exploration and discoveries of new flavours, combinations, tastes and music. Returns refreshed with new flavors in cocktails, snacks and brunch and is the perfect place to spend well every moment of your day!


Time for trips and exploration

Meerkat decided to expand his knowledge and gain new experiences! Thus a beautiful morning, prepared for what he will see and learn, and with much appetite, began a long journey of exploration in Africa. Chosen 4 different tribes, distant from one another, from the North, the South East and the West, beginning the long journey to the discovery of new flavors, experiences and ideas. The tribes chosen to visit the meerkat and which attracted his interest, were the Touaregs, in North Africa (Sahara), the Himbas, in South Africa (Namibia), the Suri or Surma, in Eastern Africa (Horn of Africa, Omo Valley) and the Dongon in West Africa. In each of these tribes, the meerkat met many different animals, made friends, expanded flavoring and cognitive horizons, sharing their experiences, features, and of course found a variety of new flavors and textures.

So returned to the safari, more wise than ever, and has many things to teach us from his trip!


It’s a safari, a journey full of adventures

The Meerkat team offers cocktail recipes based on alcohol extracts, homemade syrups and fresh fruit. From the trip of Meerkat to the four tribes of Africa, cocktails were created based on the peculiarities of each of them: Kel Tamasheq inspired by the Touaregs tribe, Suri-Kat from the Suri tribe, African (T) iki from the the tribe of Dongon and the Aphrodisiaque Kaokoland from the Himba tribe. Every tribe is composed of her own inspired cocktail inspirations that are worth trying to bring you instantly – and magically – to an African exploration trip. With a focus on freshness, fruit will be pressed daily with no frozen or preservatives used. With the tone set, the freshness of the products and the quality of aperitifs and spirits will be the order of the day.

The flavors are tailored to what do you like. There is an ideal cocktail that will express your personality, so you must try out what it is through our list!


Good friends, good food, good times

There are two food categories you can enjoy at the Meerkat Cocktail Safari. The classic French brunch that you can enjoy on weekends, as well as small dishes with meze, like tapas. Inside the jungle of dining, we at the safari bar try to choose the most delicious plates in perfect combination with our tasty cocktails. So, for our vegetarian friends, we have a variety of dishes consisting of mushrooms (pleurotus, shitake, portobello) with fresh herbs, roasted almonds, yellow and pink beets with  walnuts and malowido, and Lebanese melange salad « baba ganoush » with pomegranate accompanied by arabic pies. Our most sophisticated friends can try sausage de sarrasin, a sausage in a buckwheat crepe, which is an excellent French recipe and a pleasant accompaniment with your drinks. We left our meet-lovers for the end: delightful tri-seasoned spicy chicken wings that will make you don’t want to stop eating them! In the menu there will be delicious plates with French cheese and sausage varieties.

Join us behind the bar!

Come learn how to make your own cocktails or just perfect the classics. With a fully stocked bar available for this daily, one of our bartenders and team will be with you for every step of the journey. You will leave with the ability to recreate the classics at home or with your own recipe and if your cocktail scores highly with our team, it could even become one of our “Classic Meerkat” cocktails.


50 Cocktails: How to become a cocktail geek by Romain Krot

Have you ever wondered, how many possibilities exists for cocktails, where they come from and how they are made? Do you want to become a cocktail expert and impress your friends? It’s easy!

Discover the 50 classic cocktails! Every Friday at Meerkat, we will introduce you a classic cocktail. We choose 50 classics, basics, what everyone should try at least once in their lives. You must come and enjoy a classic cocktail while also telling you a few words about its origins.

The special thing is that our team will suggest a twister recipe, a new version!