Romain Krot OWNER

His priority: that each client has an exceptional evening, meeting new people, discovering new flavours, understanding what they like but most importantly, have fun, a lot of fun.

I have studied cooking and I am a lover of tastes! Ask what you want and I will help you.

Basically, I wanted to be a teacher, but I was really bored to read so Ι became a cook that seemed to me (wrongfully) easier.

After spending 4 years in Berlin, working as bartender and launching "Neue Nachbarn" bar/club, Thomas Lopez, born in south of France is back under the sun to share the real French hospitality. Favorite drinks: Negroni & Pedro Lopez Espresso Martini.

They told me to write what's on my mind and I said fries.

My Job is to organize Safari everywhere, but particularly in MILOS.