Romain Krot OWNER

His priority: that each client has an exceptional evening, meeting new people, discovering new flavours, understanding what they like but most importantly, have fun, a lot of fun.

ALEXANDROS PITROPAKIS Entertainer & Floor Manager

Basically, I wanted to become a teacher but I was boring to read and so I became a cook, which seemed to me (unjustly) easier. Milly Mau's affectionate and Paplo Purrito, and of course with a very good ear to hear your order from a 6-meter radius.

Thomas Lopez SWISS KNIFE

He worked as a bartender and started as co-owner of the bar / club "Neue Nachbarn" Born to the south of France, he is now in Greece to share the real meaning of French hospitality.

I've been seeing family tables transforming from simple materials to exquisite meals full of love and passion. Today, here at Meerkat cocktail safari bar I continue exploring the jungle cooking with a delicious brunch and various tapas along with delicious cocktails.


I suddenly met the meerkats and "aroused" the interest in dealing with something new: writing on the realization of ideas and the interaction in the co-organization of events. I am here to give the French team my own Greek spirit "!