Time for trips and exploration


Meerkat decided to expand his knowledge and gain new experiences!

Thus a beautiful morning, prepared for what he will see and learn, and with much appetite, began a long journey of exploration in Africa. Chosen 4 different tribes, distant from one another, from the North, the South East and the West, beginning the long journey to the discovery of new flavors, experiences and ideas. The tribes chosen to visit the meerkat and which attracted his interest, were the Touaregs, in North Africa (Sahara), the Himbas, in South Africa (Namibia), the Suri or Surma, in Eastern Africa (Horn of Africa, Omo Valley) and the Dongon in West Africa. In each of these tribes, the meerkat met many different animals, made friends, expanded flavoring and cognitive horizons, sharing their experiences, features, and of course found a variety of new flavors and textures.

So returned to the safari, more wise than ever, and has many things to teach us from his trip!