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Spring & Summer menu


This Spring Meerkat Cocktail Safari returns with new cocktails that will put you in a spring and summer mood!

The “art of la sape” have you heard about this? Let’s take a quick look … “La sape” can be detected during the colonial period in Africa, namely in Brazzaville and Kinshasa. The French mission was to politicize the Africans so they brought used clothes from Europe as a negotiating tool to win the leaders’ beliefs.

The Congolese men adopted the “style” of their majors and made it their own. Sappers claimed to have been inspired for their style by European brands of men’s clothing. The clothes are selected based on the harmony of the color. Primary colors are combined with primary and the same applies to secondary and tertiary colors. A stylistic portrait that has consistency in elegance.

Today… The Congolese people living in Paris and other European cities only appeared in summer since they returned to Brazzaville in the summer to present their style before the mid-1990s.

Our new menu is just like the Congolese style! Colorful, intense, cool, with a dose of madness that is sure to make you mood up!